Fan Tasered after pouncing onto field during Phillies game

It is probably not be a surprise anymore when a fan hops the fence at a baseball game and rushes the field. But on Monday night a crowd greater than 40,000 at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia experienced a first a fan subdued with a Taser after rushing the field.

During Monday night game resistant to the St. Louis Cardinals, A teen wearing a red Phillies National League Champions shirt began running around the outfield waving what appeared to be a towel or another shirt.

A Philadelphia Police team officer chased him, aimed a Taser gun pointed directly at the outfield intruder. After a few minutes the fan was Tasered and fell on the outfield grass.

should watching the game on TV, You would have missed this part networks generally pan away or go to a commercial so other fans aren encouraged to get screen time.

Is the first time that a Taser gun has been used by Philadelphia police to apprehend a field jumper, Phillies spokeswoman Bonnie Clark told CNN Police Department is investigating this matter and the Phillies are discussing with them whether in future situations this is an appropriate use of force in these situations. basically will be made public. When a fan runs onto the meadow members of security or police just tackle them.

Clark told CNN the 17 yr old male, Who they would frequently not name since he was a juvenile, Will be charged with criminal trespass and other related offenses.

As the research into the matter continues, The story is continuing to pick up steam online with Web views of the video noticed that you go into territory. Wouldn function as first Taser video to go viral. a university of Florida student who shouted tase me, bro, As he was arrested down John Kerry forum became a catchphrase, Bringing a student Internet fame with the video, where you have nearly 5 million views, wholesale jerseys And sparked well-known discussion about the proper use of Tasers.

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